Walter Peck

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Walter Peck

Actor Name: William Atherton

Appearances: Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Played by William Atherton, Walter Peck is a true odious villain. The original Ghostbusters script describes him simply as, "WALTER PECK, junior E.P.A. administrator". However, when played by Atherton, Walter Peck becomes a scheming, power-hungry, lawyer-like jerk. In fact, according to Harold Ramis, Atherton was so reviled by the public after the movie came out that he claimed people were picking fights with him in bars.

Much of Peck's motivation for destroying the Ghostbusters seems to stem from his belief that they are con artists who "use sense and nerve gasses" to induce hallucination, and when people "think they are seeing ghosts, they call these bozos, who conveniently show up to deal with the problem with a fake, electronic light show!" It seems that there is also a personal vendetta that Peck holds against the Ghostbusters, specifically Dr. Venkman, who attempted to make a fool of Peck during an interview probing for more information about what the Ghostbusters do, trying to diffuse rumors of "wild stories in the media."

Atherton reprises his role in 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game'. Set in 1991, it sees the Ghostbusters working with Peck, who is the head of PCOC (Paranormal Contract Oversight Commission). The larger the amount of damage caused by the player during missions, the more irate Peck becomes in his attitude towards the Ghostbusters, Rookie included.

The Real Ghostbusters

Walter Peck appears in the episode "[/real-ghostbusters/big-trouble-with-little-slimer/ Big Trouble With Little Slimer]". Having been fired from the EPA and now a member of the government organization B.U.F.O. (The Bureau of Unidentifiable Flying Organisms) He tries to bring the Ghostbusters down by destroying Slimer who he thinks is fake and ends up causing more trouble. In the end, he's fired for putting everyone at the B.U.F.O. Facility at risk. Peck displays a notable level of zeal when accosting the Ghostbusters showing a petty unwillingness to let go of a grudge.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Walter Peck returns in "[/games/ghostbusters-the-video-game/ Ghostbusters: The Video Game]" as a liaison between the Office of the Mayor and the Ghostbusters themselves. When Mayor Jock Mulligan wins the election on an pro-ghost campaign, he hires the Ghostbusters as official city workers. The Mayor then chooses Walter Peck to become involved because he has vaguely heard that Peck has had experience working with the Ghostbusters in the past.

The Ghostbusters protest being saddled with Peck while the equally belligerent civil servant's first declared intention is to remove the business' certification. However, the Mayor points out that they need each other since the business needs Peck to gain credibility with City Council and Peck's own job would be eliminated if he put Ghostbusters, Inc. out of business.

Game creators have revealed that Peck has allowed the Ghostbusters a certain degree in flexibility in the destruction of property during an assignment, albeit grudgingly. But he will not hesitate to fine them if they go above a set limit of damage expenses.

Peck is shown in the trailer for the game cowering under a table, and later getting possessed by a ghost himself. Peck's animosity for the Ghostbusters has not diminished over time, and the feeling is mutual with Venkman & the boys. They still make freudian based jokes regarding Peck's last name. Whether or not Peck and the Ghostbusters will continue working together after the Video Game remains to be seen as the antagonism between him and the Ghostbusters remains as strong as ever.

William Atherton reprises his original role as the voice of Walter Peck.


"...[I have a] Cease and desist all commerce order, seizure of premises and chattels, ban on the use of public utilities for non-licensed waste handlers and a Federal Entry and Inspection Order."

..."What is the magic word, Mr. Venkman?"

"I want to know more about what you do here. Frankly there have been a lot of wild stories in the media and we want to assess any possible environmental impact from your operation like the presence of noxious, possibly hazardous waste chemical in your basement. Now either you show me what is down there or I come back with a court order."

(on the answering machine in TVG) "Well, even losers can win, sometimes! Nicely done! It kills me to say that!"

"Security, remove these men..... with excessive force!"