Sigourney Weaver

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Sigourney Weaver
Born Susan Alexandra Weaver
(1949-10-08) October 8, 1949 (age 73)
Manhattan, New York City, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1976–present

In 1963, Susan Weaver changed her name to Sigourney after the character Sigourney Howard in The Great Gatsby. Sigourney was very tall for her age as a young girl, which resulted in her being teased by her schoolmates. She dealt with this problem by becoming the class clown. This eventually led her to her acting career, although in 1969 she enrolled in Stanford University, majoring in English Literature rather than acting.

After completing her studies in 1971 and having gotten the acting bug during some early roles, she applied to the Yale school of drama in New York and was accepted. She went on to become an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning actor appearing in many screen and stage roles.

Weaver's roles included leads not only in the Ghostbusters series, but also in Gorillas in the Mist, Working Girl, and the Alien quadrilogy. Her comedic roles continued with movies such as Galaxy Quest. She continues her acting career as one of the most respected actors working today. As Harold Ramis says in the special features of the Ghostbusters anniversary DVD, she certainly added an air of class to the cast.


"I've always regretted having such a serious career because I'm really more of an idiot."