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I am very proud of my Proton Pack...I drew the plans, found my own supplies, built my own electronics (with the help of my dad), added my own sounds (not purchased from a GB related site). Anyway..the story is simple..I broke my collar bone and while I was bored out of my mind, Ghostbusters was on TV...a light bulb went off in my head...I need a Proton Pack...thus my obsession grew greater than it already was. I\\\'m not sure what pictures I have on this as I find more pictures, I\\\'ll post them. Update 10/12/08. I have added a few more pictures including my new addition, a sound module. It plays the pack power on, gun power on, thrower sound (including the thrower stop sound), gun power down, and pack power down. An added bonus is when the pack is powered down, I can press the thrower button to play the ghostbusters theme song. Enjoy! --mjspiegel (talk)


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