Prop:Epicjuicebox's Ghost Trap

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I ordered this trap on Etsy from a seller called Officine Prop, based in Italy. The trap is mostly made of wood with aluminum side panels. It comes with lights and motorized doors which are controlled by the pedal - also constructed largely of wood. The craftsmanship is workable, but leaves a bit to be desired in terms of polish. Nothing that can't be compensated for with a bit of TLC. My hope is to replace a lot of the fake wood knobs and other (possibly resin cast) parts with the more true to form parts. The bulk of the existing hardware is secured with hot glue and tiny screws. The wiring between the trap and the pedal is a bit on the substandard side as well, so I may be replacing that soon. Overall, it's a nice prop. Far better than anything I could've made on my own. UPDATE: Upon further inspection, the wiring between the pedal and the trap itself most definitely needs to be replaced. I may even gut all the wiring and try my hand at re-doing it myself. I'm also feeling more and more the flimsiness of some of the joints and other connected bits. BUT with some work, this is going to be a solid trap! --epicjuicebox (talk)



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