Prop:Epicjuicebox's Ecto Goggles

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I ordered these from a seller on Etsy called MoviePropReplicas. They're made from plastic welding goggles with wooden accent pieces epoxied on. And the green 'lenses' are just transparent bits of plastic. All of the visual elements are very sturdy, and look as legit as I could ask of any prop. The only thing I'm not completely satisfied with is the electronic components. They're pretty loosely attached on the inside of the goggles, with contacts and wires exposed. The LED's in the lenses are also placed in such a way that it creates an odd shadow in the lenses - mostly only visible in low light. And you can't really see with the goggles 'on'. The red flashing light on top is perfect - wouldn't change a thing there. All the lights are powered by a 9V battery, which is tucked nicely to the side of the viewfinder and secured in place with a strip of velcro. It's a little tough to remove the battery housing for change-outs, but it holds in place very well. The weather stripping around where the goggles sit on the face I added myself - and it made a HUGE difference in terms of comfort. Overall, I'm happy with the quality of this product, and would recommend it (and the seller) to anyone looking to buy a set of good quality goggles at a reasonable price! --epicjuicebox (talk)



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