Kylie Griffin

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Kylie Griffin (voiced by Tara Charendoff) The only member of the new team to have any sort of paranormal knowledge before signing up as a Ghostbuster, Kylie in awe of Egon when the series began but this soon shifts to a more equal footing. Kylie's calm exterior often sets her as a foil against Eduardo's brashness, as part of the ongoing love/hate dynamic between the two. Her Proton Pistol weapon was a little pistol that was powered by small power packs that she carried on her belt. She is also the one who most commonly wields the Ghost Traps (There were occasions where the others used a trap, most notably Eduardo and Garrett in "Sonic Youth" and Roland in "The Infernal Machine"). She is depicted as something of a "Goth" girl, judging by the black hair and lipstick. In the episode "Grease", it's revealed that her parents divorced and she currently lives alone with her cat. Kylie also serves as the most visible point of contrast between the nihilistic postmodernism of the late 90s, and the much more cheerful and modernist 80s films/cartoon series.


Kylie Griffin became the first Extreme Ghostbusters character to have a role in the IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing Series. She is not a Ghostbuster in this version, though--she is hired by Ray Stantz to help run his Occult Book Store (introduced in Ghostbusters 2). She is first seen in issue #5, and provides research help for the case the Ghostbusters are working on in that story.

She seems to dress slightly more "girly" than her EGB counterpart, but her ascerbic personality and interest in the paranormal remains intact.

In Vol.2 of the IDW series, Kylie becomes one of the "New Ghostbusters", and is depicted as wearing one of Ray's flight suits. In #2, as well as one of the covers of #1, she's wearing a uniform in the colors Ray wears in The Real Ghostbusters