Eduardo Rivera

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Eduardo Rivera (voiced by Rino Romano) Seemingly a lazy, sarcastic and somewhat clueless character, Eduardo nevertheless makes himself an integral part of the team by being determined and (to an extent) reliable. Eduardo resembles original Ghostbuster Peter Venkman in that, like Venkman, Eduardo is sarcastic, has a penchant for pursuing attractive women, is generally unscientific and constantly spouts pop culture references. Eduardo has a long-running subplot dealing with a love/hate relationship between him and Kylie. Eduardo's catchphrases are "Maybe he/she is dead" (spoken whenever someone goes missing or else unaccounted for) and "We're scientists" (which was originally spoken by Venkman in the film). In "Rage", Eduardo reveals to have an older brother, an NYPD officer, who hates Eduardo for being a Ghostbuster.


Eduardo is first alluded to in Vol.2#5, where it's revealed that Kylie has hired help for Ray's Occult that Venkman alleges as "barely literate". Eduardo makes a one-panel cameo in Vol.2 #10, but makes his full first appearance in the next issue, where he is given a warning by Tiamat