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While Frozen Empire is still chugging along at the box office, and about to pass the $200 million dollar mark, fans are already looking forward to the release on Blu-ray and Digital. Movie ticket and digital rental service, Vudu, has just published a list of special features that fans can look forward to, even when purchasing the digital version.

They are:

* Making Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
* Capturing the Ghosts of Frozen Empire
* Easter Eggs Unleashed
* Knowing the Score
* Manifesting Garraka
* New York, New Gear
* Welcome to the Paranormal Discovery Center
* Deleted & Extended Scene: Headlines
* Deleted & Extended Scene Ghost Chopper
* Deleted & Extended Scene: Rooftop Consolation
* Deleted & Extended Scene: News Report
* Deleted & Extended Scene: Slime Bath

We're definitely looking forward to these and more upon the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire on Blu-ray and Digital soon! If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, you can do so from these links which will support GBFans.com at no extra cost to you:

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Blu-ray, DVD & Digital
Digital Version (with X-ray)
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