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By mulletking
Heya, I'm interested in changing out the sound effect on my Spirit PKE meter. Does anyone a bit more tech savvy know what sort of device I would need in order to overwrite the existing .wav file on the board? It looks like something can connect to the pin connectors, but I'm not sure what sort of device to use to interface.

Failing that, is there a modder who makes a sound card for the spirit PKE?
Unfortunately it's nowhere near as simple as you've assumed it is. There's no WAV file to replace, you'd somehow need to write new binary data to the EEPROM but even that would be incredibly difficult without reverse engineering the data which is already on there as I suspect you'd need to match the format perfectly for this to even have a chance of working.

I can only find blurry photos of the PCB, I can see there are two IC's onboard. I can't read the model numbers to work out what they are, but maybe it's possible to find some documentation on them and see if someone knows a way of reading/writing to them. It could require desoldering them, programming them, then soldering them back on too (which looks like a major headache, they're SMD components).

Personally for my HalloweenCostumes PKE I just found it easier to gut the electronics and build my own (I went with a Teensy Prop Shield but you could probably do it with an Arduino and DFPlayer Mini), which also allowed me to add different sound effects from the film (eg press and hold the button for it to "sweep up" like when Egon scans Louis in the back of the police truck). For that one I also had to swap out the green wing LEDs for warm white.

Another option some people have done is use the soundboard from the mini PKE toy, which has accurate sounds apparently. I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere which has photos.

There was an upgrade kit called PKEnhanced but it's no longer offered, I don't know much about it.

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