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Which game has the more accurate firehouse Ghostbusters the video game or spirits unleashed? They're both very similar, but it seems to me spirits unleashed is closer. They even include the back baydoor of the L.A firehouse which the 2009 game left out. Thought up stairs is odd in spirits unleashed. The former dormitory turned laboratory feels really small.
Spirits Unleashed, hands down. The garage level (bar the alley entrance leading to Ray's Occult) is pretty accurate (excluding the air conditioning vents, the wall-mounted fans and the fluorescent lights above Wrecto-1)... The apparatus bay has the hose tower with the shutter, bay doors that match Fire Station №23's, as well as correct depiction of that iconic tiling. The staircase is fairly accurate, and the arched window of the real set of rear doors of №23 is there as well, rather than the two rectangular windows as depicted in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The bricks on the floor look more accurate, and the room also has the wooden alarm panel which had the bell and flashing light in the first movie.

The dormitory level is fairly accurate, and ditches the windows that were put in at the top of the stairs. The kitchen, and the room where the guys slept are also reasonably well-depicted, even though the dormitory is now Eddie's lab. The fire pole guard rails are also the correct design, though incorrectly depicted in brass rather than likely-brass-painted-black paint.

The basement level's also pretty accurate (including the stairs down being enclosed, unlike how they were depicted in the 2008 video game).
Keeping in mind that the firehall as it appears in 2009 is quite a ways behind us and it might have been more reflective to the firehouse as it had been imagined then Spirits Unleashed which does seem to have a lot more reference matching done. If you look at the firehouse from the 2009 game to the SU one then one can see there's an evolution to it which I like. Even if the 2009 game is no longer canon. One COULD see the hall change from housing a few friends with a small business to a now large scale company finally hiring new staff and branching out. the extra ECU tank in the basement is a nice touch. I'm more curious if the set and production design for the new film Firehouse had any impact on the Spirits Unleashed design or if the way we see the set in the new film will look like the hall as it appears in Spirits Unleashed or if not will there be an update to the game and a patch after the film which will redesign the firehouse to match it.
As detailed above there's a lot of small details that are wrong in the 2009 game but correct in spirits unleashed. Now if we're pretending the two games are in continuity, the basement could reasonably be the same place years apart.

As a side, I just re read Ghostbusters get real. IDW based their version of the second floor upon the video game. So they includes the windows on the back of the building.

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