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By Dan Kirk
Hello all,

Wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm located around Detroit (live in Monroe, work in Plymouth for those who are familiar) and like I'm sure everyone here, a massive GB fan. Currently I'm awaiting my Hasbro Proton Pack and starting to put the rest of my suit together. I've ordered a jumpsuit from Magnoli. And between Amazon and the Shop section of the site here I have the ALICE frame, belt, gloves, knee pads, hose, and some of the leather keychains all on the way. Guessing from there I'll need a few major accessories like a PKE meter, the belt gizmo, and the walkie talkie. Probably a trap too but I'd like to build that myself.

Question I'm curious about, for a lot of you and getting into these local clubs and groups that do the cons. Is there a requirement list? I'm a stickler about small details and accuracy, but I'm wondering if you guys are on the hardcore levels of like the 501st groups? Just wondering if I'll end up having to do modifications to the Hasbro pack to meet a more screen accurate requirement, or frowned upon for doing something like getting modern, more comfortable style combat boots instead of the 1980's style boots?

Thanks all! I look forward to meeting people and getting involved!
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By gpghosts
welcome fellow michigander. im from st clair shores
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By Mcbaine37
Fellow Michigander here, Tri-Cities area!

I am actually pretty curious about the same thing about the pack and uniform. I need decent boots since having had issues with my feet. I really don't want to get custom boots made if I don't have to.
By Mac1701
Hi! Grand Rapids area here. (Couple hours from you.). Not in a group myself, but I’ve wondered some of the same things. The people on this board seem quite nice and don’t seem too uptight about things. If you want to go 100% accurate you totally can and there are great threads here to find out how. At the same time it doesn’t feel like anyone here is going to be upset if you don’t have the exact same things they used in 1984. Have fun!
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By deadderek
Hello there fellow Michigander.

We'll break out the coneys, Faygo, and Superman ice cream!

You're luckily in a state with the (I think the 3rd?) biggest amount of teams.

Each group has their own rules about uniforms, but none of the teams I know of are super strict.

You may want to look into joining the 313 Ghostbusters or possibly the Metro Detroit Ghostbusters. Both solid teams and full of great people.

Welcome to the fandom!
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By deadderek
Mcbaine37 wrote: January 31st, 2023, 8:04 am Deadderek, I can't believe you forgot Vernor's Ginger Ale and Better Made Chips! That hurts whatever is left of my soul.
Vernor's? I don't remember anyone saying they were feeling sick...

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