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A six part series about ILM titled "Light & Magic" recently came out on Disney+. In Episode 5 Morfing and Episode 6 No More Pretending You're Dinosaurs, there's some glimpses of work on Ghostbusters II.

In Morfing:
-At 9:28-9:50, there's a room with storyboards on the walls, people at a computer and on the phone, and effects producer Janet Healy stating something's gotta give after all the money put into sliming, Scoleris and the Statue of Liberty. She seams... displeased to say the least.

-10:58-11:15, model shop's crew working on Statue of Liberty, Slimer suit, and miniature buildings

-21:00, a movie poster

-26:28-26:32, a Slimer suit being tested

-27:06-27:51, the construction of the miniature Van Horne/River of Slime. Kim Smith talks about show her job was to cover up any exposed wood to match the tile work. She drew them all on.

-30:00, one of the smaller Statue of Liberty's being worked on

In No More Pretending You're Dinosaurs EDIT: I didn't seen anything GB2.
https://disneyplusoriginals.disney.com/ ... -and-magic

https://www.disneyplus.com/series/light ... tlwhtW6Z7E

Jason spliced some of it together
https://ghostbustersnews.com/2022/08/08 ... usters-ii/
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I'll agree to that. GB2 is by far the one I've seen the most. But I think I was just the right age for it. I was sorta young when GB came out. But 2, I was old enough to work the vcr, and bug mom about going to the video store. Plus the soundtrack is probably the first that really hooked me into music.
CitizenBuster wrote:But 2, I was old enough to work the vcr
"No! No! Oscar!" And then there was a loud click and the tape would rewind because the TV station was running late and the tape ran out before the movie finished.

It took another 3 years before I saw how GB2 actually ended. Ah, memories... :lol:

Edit: For reference, it was a Betamax.

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