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By Murrayshere
Hi guys, I have a few items I've collected over the years and was wondering if they were rare or not.

1. A sealed betamax Ghostbusters tape with RCA stamps, it does have the bold no ghost emblem.

2. A 8mm original release of Ghostbusters, tape and cardboard box (used)

3. Ghostbusters 2 light box insert with the original cardboard case. Odean cinemas
I built an led box to light it up, see photos (crap camera though)
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By d_osborn
DEFINITELY not garbage! "Rare" is subjective, but I'd say all three pieces are decently rare, yes.

The sealed Beta could hold some nice value if graded high.

8mm is a pretty unique format. I haven't been following the market lately, but GB2 seems more common in 8mm. When I was looking, I don't recall seeingmany 8mm GB1 sell with the box. I only have GB2 in 8mm.

I know less about the backlit display, but it's definitely cool! There's a common US-version for the home video release, but I haven't seen one from Odeon.
By Winston1986
I'd say those are rare. The only rare Ghostbusters thing I have is the Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto 1 with a still working sound effects button on the roof. But it is missing several pieces including the bumper, the drivers side door, the Ghost Trap, and every piece that attached to the roof. However I recently found out that an Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto 1 that still has the roof with a working sound system still intact goes for a lot. Though I will not sell it due to really liking it. Plus my youngest nephew likes to play with it from time to time.

Also I have the yellow Volkswagon car that turns into a green monster. But it doesn't have its stickers in tact and the windshield of it is broken.

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