I have a Spirit Pack and want to jave lights and sounds, us spengler wand... I know this subject has been covered in some posts, but I have a bit of a different setup in mind, so I wonder if someone could help me on deciding what to get.

My goal is:

-Have the Lights and Sounds on de Spirit Pack, with a constant hume or loop
-Be able to customize the sounds with my own versions
-Have at least Starting Sound, hume loop and shutting down on the pack. Music is great addition but not needed.
-Have the Spengler Pack separated from the Pack system (so no spengler link)
-output both pack and wand to a Mixer/Amp thru Mini Jacks. That way I can control the Pack to start it and shut it off, and the wand separately having the sound go thru the pack speakers too at the same time. I don't want to use spengler link, because I want to use my own custom sounds for the pack. Having the spengler link its all just whatever it sounds from the wand.

What I have:

-Spirit Proton pack version 2021
-Spengler Wand
-Light Kit from Ghostlab42 already installed on the pack, and would like to keep it if possible.

Now, the options I found are:

Ghostlab42: Sound Board and spengler link not available since months ago, and it seems to need the Wand electronic to make it all work, so not a big fan. But if any of you has it and recommends it I'm up for it. Not sure if it can switch sounds but I believe it uses the ones from the wand as sound.

GBFans: this seems awesome, now I can customize ths sounds on the microsd with their latest version, I believe its compatible with Ghostlab42 light kit also, but I don't think it has Audio Output in minijack. I guess I could do my own wiring to a minijack... but I would prefer not to just in case. I believe this sound board has starting sound, looping hume and shuting down, but I'm not sure... am I right?

Frankengeek: the soundboard is attatched to the lights, I can install it in a diferentplace or try to remove the lights... so not a big deal I guess I can swap sounds on the micro sd, and it has output audio as minijack, but the starting sound seems to start a bit late, It does not have shutting down sounds, but I can get it if I install the wand switches and ectronics in the pack to be able to do the configurations...

Also, in addition:

-Where do you guys buy your 9V 6000mha Batteries?

-What Mixers/Amplifiers do you recommend? Space and weight is important as you know.

Thank you so much for your help!

Yes I was, but I kinda gave up in a part. I was so colose to buy everything needed, but at the end it was really expensive for upgrade a Spirit Pack and mor eknowing that in less than 1 year I would recieve the Haslab and probably will like to mod it too...

So I'm trying to get a shorter and cheaper route, where I will still upgrade it with the same Cooncept Base, but in a diferent way.

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