By GanglyOne
I'm thinking that I'm going to make my own aluminum thrower from scratch. Are the drawings and measurements fairly accurate as far as anyone knows? I bought a Haslab Neutrona wand but not sure of accuracy.
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By Kingpin
GAXIMO wrote: December 9th, 2021, 10:41 pm Dude sign me up for one! Maybe it will help pay for material costs etc. for your two!
This is not an interest thread, and GanglyOne has said he's just making a couple for personal use.
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By CPU64
If you want some tips, don't cut the hole on top for the stem, easier to maintain the bend radius and you can just drill after for the knob screw.
Don't make the rear handle hole the size of the tube, I make a 7/8" hole with a unibit after box is welded together. The chance of burning through the way you have it is high.
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