It seems almost crazy to be thinking about the post-release period for Ghostbusters: Afterlife seeing as the film hasn't even opened yet, but naturally major retailers will already be privvy to the plans for the film's home release, and we've gotten out first glimpse at what will be offered with a quick look at Zavvi's exclusive steelbook for the film's 4K Ultra HD BluRay - scheduled to retail for £29.99.

Further details are set to become available from noon tomorrow, which we'll amend to this post as soon as we are able.
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Don’t mind if I do although I wonder if other retailers will have alt steelbooks. Was hoping for a Zavvi Dan Mumford edition to complete the set.

Or a full trilogy collection including the Fort Detmerring sequence and other extras from the 35th anniversary which didn’t make international versions.

I wonder if details will include extended and deleted scenes. A little early maybe.

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