SP Productions wrote: May 29th, 2024, 11:08 am Don’t really understand how a single-shot would work…? Don’t the neutrona wands act more like a lasso - holding the ghost in place until they can be trapped, versus just shooting the ghost…?

In either case, cool prop!

Listen... Do you smell something...? Boson Darts!
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Mercifull wrote: May 31st, 2024, 11:49 pm Which orientation do you recommend this piece being printed?
I printed it the way you have it there, with support material inside.

Actually, that's reminded me of a feature I totally forgot to include in the guide...

The larger holes on the front of this fuse box are designed to insert two small 5mm diameter magnets.

You can screw in some shorter bolts on through the cover plate which will stick to the magnets when in place. This means you can remove and replace the cover plate without having to unscrew the bolts every time you want to get to the battery charger inside.

Will update with some photos as soon as I can.
Thanks. That’s the orientation I felt was the best but thought I’d ask first to save wasting from a cockup. I’m currently printing the main body which is going to take another 8 hours. I tried to be stingy with the support material but then it didn’t nicely layer over the top the first time around. Nevermind. You live print and learn…

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