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Hello all,

I realize this is not exactly new information, but I couldn't find it documented anywhere other than "The TR14 is close to the TR53" or "some have half guards, some have full guards, some do not"

I wanted to know the exact differences between the models, So in order to document the different versions of the class 9001 T series push button, I dug around for the old product catalog.

Basically, if you cant get a 14, a 13 or 53 will do. the half/full guard ones can even be cut down, in a pinch.
Its possible that the TR13's button cover could be replaced, someone will have to buy one and see if they can remove and replace it.

In case the link to the catalog ever goes down, here is the screen grab.

the catalog can be found here ... r/9001.pdf

Page 48 has the T series information.
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