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By Ackbar
Sure! As soon as I got my pack I will post the pictures here :-)
frankov wrote: March 14th, 2024, 8:43 am
Ackbar wrote: March 14th, 2024, 8:18 am I got a message from David: My pack will be soon on its way :-D

Happy for you - but I'll be even happier when you post pics when it arrives! I saw that David logged in yesterday so I'm sure he's aware of all the recent posts.

I contacted him only twice - once on his website contact form last month, and yesterday on Facebook. I asked for a refund, but haven't received any answers yet. Hope we'll get some updates soon.
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By edspengler
edspengler wrote: March 21st, 2024, 7:44 pm Update: my order was cancelled and the notice says a refund is in process. As far is it goes between us, the matter is settled.

A factual assessment based on user testimony is as follows. The facts show all of his UK customers get their purchases in a timely manner, but overseas USA customers are a different story. The one exception to UK fulfillment is the winner of the 2022 Halloween raffle (more on that to follow). Some get great communication and updates, some get radio silence. He seems reluctant to provide refunds to those that request them. This is not an opinion. These are facts based on information gathered first hand that anyone can read.

One USA customer has been denied a refund due to materials having been purchased for the order that was placed in 2022. However materials stated are raw materials only, not specialized pre fabricated parts from other vendors such as valves or metal fittings, but resin and fiberglass and a laser cut motherboard; such materials would have to be on hand in his shop already regardless of who purchased a specific item. A shop of this level could be expected to have several laser cut motherboards or spares on hand for incoming or current builds. If individual hobbyists hoard specialized hardware, a seller would do that even more so to have a supply on hand.

Now on raffles. 2022 Halloween raffle for the Phoebe Spengler Pack was not clear on whether it was a finished item or product to be built. He states “all prize draw posts, this is a one off and this is the actual pack someone’s going to win.” Hence referring to the pack pictured. The winner of the 2022 raffle was under the impression it was a ready built pack, however they are still waiting for their pack now in 2024 being told materials are hard to come by. The winner that purchased a raffle ticket has yet to receive the item won in the raffle. The Frozen Empire pack raffle is pictured as finished and it is stated the pack pictured is the one to be shipped to the winner. This remains to be seen. Furthermore, it seems questionable to use raffles as a way to generate shop revenue rather than sale of actual goods. Mostly all raffles in our fandom are for charity or are free entry, not ticket sales for personal gain.

Now for my opinion. His builds are obviously first class all the way, quality, accuracy, workmanship, everything - not only for pictures but all his client testimonials. Where he falls through is communication to clients. He is unwilling to admit any fault whatsoever and will place the blame on the customer for holding him to task - upon making public statements on my personal experience in this forum I was told that I was slinging sh*t and out to sink his business when I stated what has happened and how I feel about it. I - the customer that paid him - am the problem to his business. Rather than an apology, empathetic statement, or trying to reassure my doubts, I got snarky remarks and off handed quips as if I was beholden to him for his product. At this point regardless of refund I no longer wanted his product for the level of arrogance it represents to me, I could not have that product in my home.

Conclusion. If you are UK based you’ll likely get your order on time as promised and you’ll be happy. If you are based outside the UK proceed with caution.

How to improve based on user feedback:
Gain a little bit of humility and realize that his customers are the reason his shop exists, not the other way around. Address communication, perhaps take payments in installments as a build proceeds for larger items. BE TRANSPARENT with customers when there is a delay, inform them of a status change right away.

If you are in the USA and feel you have been the victim of foreign fraud you can file a report here:

Note the site says agencies within the map that collaborate are both USA and UK.

With that, my dealings with Proton Props are finished.
Order was canceled by Proton Props on March 21, 2024. Contacted Proton Props on March 29, 2024 for a status on refund and was told to expect it within “7 to 10 working days, it’s currently Easter weekend”. As of April 9, 2024, 12 business days have elapsed and no refund has been posted.
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By Bobdor
How did you go about starting the refund process? I have yet to receive a single message reply from Proton Props. I send an email about once a week sometimes US east time, sometimes UK time, I have tried Facebook and the store email address. I am going on a year of literally zero communication.
By Moonraker
All y'alls patience is saintly! 3 years of waiting for a pack with zero communication for the last year or more with that kind of money would have me buying a plane ticket over there. I'm so thankful I found this thread. I found ProtonProps and was impressed by the pictures and finished product. The 6 month lead time quoted on the website had me ready to place an order. Fortunately I did some research before pulling the trigger of commissioning a pack and it went a long way and saved my sanity.

I truly hope everyone waiting gets unexpected surprises by their packs showing up on their doorsteps. They really do look amazing. We all work hard for our money. Keep the faith
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By edspengler
Bobdor wrote: April 9th, 2024, 10:51 pm How did you go about starting the refund process? I have yet to receive a single message reply from Proton Props. I send an email about once a week sometimes US east time, sometimes UK time, I have tried Facebook and the store email address. I am going on a year of literally zero communication.
Contact him and state you want a refund and why. Write out a timeline of events, dates and times, start to finish and share it here and other forums.
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By Bobdor
Hey guys,
I just wanted to give a quick update on my order and communication with Proton Props.

I have been sending emails since last June regarding the status of my order. Every time I sent an e-mail, I would reply to my order confirmation e-mail. It would still send directly to the Proton Props Gmail account, so I thought nothing of it. I have never received a response back over probably a dozen emails.

However, today I decided to send a brand new email direct to Proton Props. Asking about the status of my order. I got a response in about 5 minutes, please see below:

"Hey Bob!

So sorry I’ve missed your previous emails, I hope your well! I’ve had some trouble getting shells produced but I’ve got a new team member focusing on these and the production is ramping right up. I’ll hope to have yours done and out in the coming weeks!

Thanks for getting in contact and again, really sorry for the delay getting back to you. Kind regards,


So I have a slightly renewed sense of hope. I just wanted to share my progress with the community.
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By CaptainAssholay
That's strange, he gave me an entirely different response over a month and a half ago and he hasn't responded to the two e-mails I've sent over two weeks.
By shoesdontmatch
Has anyone heard anything lately I can't get David to respond to any messages I have tried FB , Insta , and the Proton Props website but he has completely ignored all my attempts is there anywhere else I can try, it will be 3 years next month since I ordered my pack on Etsy (back then he would answer messages :sigh: )
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By CaptainAssholay
He reached out to me this week about my DIY kit through Facebook (we had a previous exchange there), it's currently shipping and should be here next week. He did say he got a new person to start knocking out shells but I can't speak to his turnaround time for fully commissioned kits.
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