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Just wondering if anyone has been able to pull the audio files from the game. I'd love to swap out the standard stream effect with the amplified stream effect when using the particle thruster among other effects.
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the game runs a checksum of some sort every time it's launched, to prevent cheating. I don't think it's possible to modify the game's files and still play online or possibly at all.

I was considering replacing one of the player voice sets with Bill's, Harold's, Dan's or Ernie's voice lines from the 2009 game. But I haven't tried sense I realized it might trigger the anti cheat protection.
zeta otaku wrote: March 24th, 2024, 10:27 am I am JUST NOW realizing my original post is very misleading and full of half thoughts...

So, the reason I want those particular files is to swap out the sound effects IN MY IRL PROTON PACK...
In that case: Spirits Unleash runs on the Unreal Engine, a very commonly used game engine. As such you should be able to find tools to decompress the archives that the sounds are stored in.

I'm going to guess it's one of the files in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GhostbustersSpirits\SwayzeGame\Content\Paks
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Welp, managed to find the location of the audio files I was looking for (particle thruster firing sounds), but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Every time I attempt to extract the files, it won't (literally says 0\0 extracted). Ah well, a project for another day
zeta otaku wrote: March 24th, 2024, 11:36 pm Welp, managed to find the location of the audio files I was looking for (particle thruster firing sounds), but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Every time I attempt to extract the files, it won't (literally says 0\0 extracted). Ah well, a project for another day
Worked for me. I used umodel and Wwise-Unpacker:

I did have to leave it for a few minutes before it started detecting files though.

Looks like my version is old, I don't have the "particle thruster". Just letting Epic run some updates (26GB...) then I'll see if it comes up in the WAV files. Hopefully it's in an obvious location because it'll take forever to do every audio clip in the game...

Edit: Update is finished and now I have the Particle_Thrower_Thruster files. Let me see if I can unpack them.

Edit: Hmm, maybe I spoke too soon. It seems to have skipped the Gear directory and it's only processing the Localized path. I'll let it keep running, it's a slow process and I don't know what I'll end up with at the end.

Edit: Lots of dialogue files still processing. Checked a few in Audacity and they played fine, but there's no sound effects (yet). Also installing UE4 so I can see if the files can be viewed/exported from there.
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Alright, I managed to get some of the files to extract.

It's unfortunately nowhere near as simple as I hoped.

All the sounds are actually in the media path, with numeric filenames, so there's a messy process of copying each of the IDs in the uasset file and then extracting them. Like so:

I ended up installing FModel and it makes this a little easier, because it allows you to actually preview the sounds (MediaList objects) in each of the uasset files, and then when you find the one you want you can right-click and save the WAV file.

I've been sitting at my desk for far too long already so I can't go any further here. If I had more time (and if my eyes weren't so tired) I'd extract all the UASSET files as JSON, then extract all the WAV files in the media folder, then maybe run a script to process the JSON files and rename the linked WAV assets. Note that some sounds are actually made up of multiple files (I haven't played the game in ages so I'm guessing it plays different sounds randomly each time you fire, for example).
And it's done...


Reorganised the files as best as I could using the file prefixes.

There were some which didn't come through (about 900 of them), not sure why. A spot check of the metadata suggests they're music files, not sound effects. And also others which were corrupted (mainly music too, maybe they're encoded differently). But as far as the sound effects of the gear I think I got most of them.

You'll notice many sound effects are named either "_local" or "_remote". I'm guessing _local is what you hear when you trigger the sound (eg by firing your thrower), and _remote is what you hear when another player triggers the sound. They sound the same to me but maybe _remote is slightly quieter. I included both but you probably only want _local.


And the full 1GB zip file containing >12,600 MP3s: ... sp=sharing

Let me know if there's any issues.

Edit: Looks like some corrupted music still made its way into the zip file. If you see any filenames containing "Intro" or "Outro" they're probably music, especially if they're tiny files (30KB for example). You'll hear garbled noise unfortunately, so don't turn your headphones up too loud.
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