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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
I thought I'd try something different for my 3rd suit and decided to go with a Sage Green Nomex. I picked one up brand new for $39 which should arrive soon.

For patches, I custom ordered GB2 Nametags with the GB1 Font from the gbfans store. I also got an arm patch from Challenge Coins (which seems small, but also seems to align to the Anovos sizing - I may get a standardized one from the store, though I think I may have a spare JoeLuna patch stashed somewhere...)

And the buckle will replace the plastic one currently on my GB2 Gear Belt.

More to come....!Image
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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
Update: Flightsuit arrived when I got home and fits great. GB2 suit is a 46R, but decided on a 44R for a more "fitted" fit. And the patches really pop against the sage green.

Switched over the buckle on my belt which also gives it a more streamlined look.

And because I'm not going for a screen accurate look, I picked up a Firefly II Lifegard to replace the standard yellow Lifegard II.ImageImageImageImage
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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
doctorevil30564 wrote: March 19th, 2020, 10:35 am Looks good to me. One of the guys in my group has a GB1 style Sage Green flightsuit that he wears.

where did you source that lifegard from, it looks pretty awesome.
Cheers :cool:

I Googled a few different PASS Alarms to see what options were available other than the usual Lifegard models and liked this one. The one I purchased used to belong to the Beverly Hills Fire Department (Picture from listing):

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By starburst
Looks great so far, always refreshing to see someone doing something a little different... I had no idea you could get the GB2 style name badges with the original font, guessing its a special request to AJ deal?
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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
Dang, can't believe I've had this in storage for so long (COVID, moving twice, life in general).

Have an event coming up, so decided to finally get this up and running.

The red sure does pop against the sage:
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