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By bpwestmoreland
Hello Ghostheads,

I purchased my first fiberglass shell, trying to make this build as easy as possible. Is there a post or site where it lists all parts and materials needed to complete the pack without a whole lot of searching and looking at pics? If I have to I obviously have too. I want to do as much aluminum as possible, however this particular shell does have the N Filter on it, I want to, if I can remove it and add a metal N Filter. Has anyone ever done this? The part above the cliparrd valve is molded in but I know I have seen one of those in aluminum, as well as the round part of the PPD with the sticker I have seen in aluminum that is molded into the pack as well. Anyone ever removed these and replaced?

Before you say I should have gotten a shell made the way I can mod it, I found a matty wand, aluminum mother board, shell, aux cord with the light control, and some resin wand parts on marketplace for $250 (pretty sure it was a decent deal).

I may sell the resin parts of the wand as I don't need those. not sure what they go for, so I'd ask $20 and I'll cover shipping.
By tobycj
My build thread has a reasonably comprehensive list, albeit doesn't include screws. This pinned thread also has a parts list. I'd strongly suggest reading through some of the pinned threads, as there is some great info in those, in particular this one.

The parts you're referring to that are moulded in and you want to remove are the vac hose and PPD, and from seeing your post on Facebook it looks like you've bought an Epic Props shell. Have you got their latest relaunched shell? If so, the n-filter is already a separate piece, so should be no issues replacing it with an aluminium one providing the shell allows for the right 3" diameter (the Ben of Kent shell is a 2.75" n-filter so required a lot of work to get an aluminium one to fit). If it's one of their older shells then it's got a cast in n-filter, and would require significant modification of the shell to replace it. You'll need to learn how to fibreglass to do that. I'd imagine the vac hose should be easy to remove, not sure about the PPD, it depends whether that is cast as a solid piece, or hollow. If it's the latter you'd need to rebuild the shell underneath it, and strengthen it appropriately.

Also, you can't sell anything on the forum without a supporting membership, so you should probably edit your post to remove that part.
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By bpwestmoreland
I will measure the N Filter, I do know how to do some fiberglass work with the cloth and 2 part liquid and hardener as I have done repairs to my boat, not quite like this with shaping, I am slightly nervous about getting the electronics in, and wiring them right. I know a lot is plug and play and found a great series on YouTube of a man building something inspired by the "superhero" pack. I will look for more threads. Thank you for the response.
By tobycj
If you're getting a GBFans or Ninjatunes electronics kit they're pretty much just plug & play, and very straightforward to set up. Personally I'd recommend looking up nstevic's charging plate sales thread on these forums and buying one of those, with the charging harness. Makes it even simpler to set up everything, and you don't need to open the shell up to access the battery for charging either.
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