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By BrightonBuster
Guys, with the recent photos of the slime blower that could make an appearance in Frozen Empire, I was hoping for an influx of propmakers offering parts again....

Sourcing parts here in the UK is proving difficult, and even more so since the talent of NIckatron Props shut his doors.

I've ordered a few parts from the GBFans shop, and decals from Etsy. However, there are loads of other parts on Etsy, but no-one will ship outside the US !!

Anyone have any sources that will ship to the UK, or even any UK makers still under the radar ?
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By prodestrian
Aside from "above radar" sellers like Benofkent and Proton Props (when they have inventory), there's also some great stuff available from
(located in the UK)

If it helps, I recently found out that if you reach out to GBHQPartsDepot he's happy to do a one off eBay listing for you so he can ship outside of the USA -

(I'm in Australia so I have the same problem you do, some sellers just won't ship here).

Edit: Sorry, I should clarify, I don't know if both of those links offer slime blower parts right now, they're just worth keeping an eye on, I added both to my favourites list on Etsy so I see when new products are added.
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By prodestrian
BrightonBuster wrote: December 8th, 2023, 1:56 pm Cheers for those links. Sadly nothing blower related from those guys listed currently.

Will keep on looking though.
Only this at the moment: ... omed-light

Also, not sure if there's a mailing list to be notified when Proton Props has some things available - ... r-tank-set
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By PukieDoug
I am making one.
This Post Contains Spoilers
( no spoiler as been seen on a you tube influencer site ) I also made all the slime .
I took close up photos of one of the original 89 slime guns and am referencing all the parts for here . Anyone know what the black cover boxes are? As I may have to make them if not . Many thanks
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By PukieDoug
I have been sourcing the relevant UK parts over the last couple of weeks and done very well so far only got told about this forum a few days ago
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By Kingpin
PukieDoug wrote: December 10th, 2023, 5:56 am( no spoiler as been seen on a you tube influencer site )
While the video is out there and has been discussed in detail in the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire News Thread, that thread has a blanket warning for spoilers for Frozen Empire (which allow them to be discussed reasonably openly and without the automatic need of the spoiler tags).

It's a different case with this topic, as users who are trying to avoid spoilers for the new film may visit here to take part in the Slime Blower discussion... So if we can make sure to apply spoiler tags to any discussion of the
This Post Contains Spoilers
until we're a good month or two after the film's release.

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