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By Alex Newborn
Watching an old episode of the Bob Newhart show, "A Girl in her Twenties" (S06E10), and Bob calls home from an airport. He gives his wife the number of the payphone to call him back and it's... well, I bet you can guess by now.


The episode is from December 1977, and I'd like to point out that one of the co-creators of the series was Lorenzo Music.

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By Alex Newborn
Yep, I listed that one as "Guiler residence, Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in my very first post in this thread on 10-1-2011.

It's also cited briefly in my video from February 2018.

Btw, I love Melinda Dillon's performance in that film, but it was ages before I realized that Barry's mom from CE3K was also Ralphie's mom from A Christmas Story. And isn't she the mom in Harry and the Hendersons, too?

As for Barry, who like me is also an Alabama native, the only other things I ever saw him in were the retrospective interviews on one of the CE3K DVD releases, and even more obscure? He did some holiday ads for Parisian department stores around Christmas of 1982 with a robot named E.C. if my memory is correct.

Which doubtless means someone saw E.T., wanted to capitalize on its success, probably couldn't afford the real Elliott, and so decided to hire the kid from the previous Spielberg movie about aliens.

If anyone can find those ads, let me know!

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