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By Beelowgonha
I recently purchased an Amber Force 4 XL light bar, Model #9000 SAE-W3-82, which I believe was used as the rear light bar on the ecto 1, (please correct me if I’m wrong) and with demand for this specific light bar being sky high nowadays I figured I would try to get some manufactured based on the lenses I currently have, so I made this thread to kind of document and show off potential lenses, as well as to get some help from you guys while creating it

Here is a picture of my lightbar, this being the right side of it, as the left is currently taken apart

This is the left corner lens, and the sticker, I also plan on making my own replica stickers as mine are in rough condition
Interior of the corner lens
Then the dome (notice the metal peice in the middle)

What I’ve found is that the dome here comes apart in 2 peices, that are joined together by a metal peice inbetween, held together with some (rivets?)
Another picture of the inside

So what do you guys think the best course of action would be? Any help appreciated
That is definitely the correct lense. It's actually the correct lense for every light bar, but it accurate for the the ones on the original car.

Years ago I ordered some blue lenses from the Code 3 company, right before they ran out of stock on their blue domes, and it had that awful plastic strip at the top. I had an original dome and had the top and bottom strip modeled up and got them laser cut. I took out the plastic piece and riveted the new laser cut strips in. They look spot on.

That was as far as I got to getting anything done with new lenses. I am excited to see how this project comes along. Many people have tried to accomplish this, but that is as far as they make it.
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By Beelowgonha
UPDATE: sticker on front has been removed (hardest thing I’ve ever had to do)

But good news, I’ve figured out a way to get such a thing made without spending over 10 grand on something like this, 3d printing!

Now I know what you’re going to say to such an idea, “that’s ridiculous, it’ll never look right, just the layer lines will destroy the effect!” Which I agree with you would totally destroy the look, that’s why I’m going with resin printing, which allows it to be done perfectly clear and without those horrible lines, which is a huge win in my book, I’m currently trying to find someone who can make a faithful accurate model, to make this thing look legit inside and out.

Check this out to know what I mean when I say clear 3d resin print:
By TTeacher
I have some experience with 3D modeling, would be happy to help you make a model. Resin printing is a great idea. Also, can help with the sticker restoration if you can do a high resolution scan, also might be good for archival purposes to have it available on the forum.

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