Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
CT1983 wrote: March 28th, 2023, 11:21 am Annnnnd ty very much sir, add to cart… Also, don’t think that Crystal Lake sign in the background went unnoticed; it’s nice to know we live in the same nerdery lol.
Aww, the Crystal Lake sign. The only franchise I love as much as Ghostbusters is the Friday the 13th Franchise. The reflection caught a glimpse of my NECA side of the room that has most of my F13 collection.

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Some more cosmetic modifications to the pack today...
Full aluminum motherboard with holes just for the frame mounting hardware included with the Haslab Spengler Proton Pack:
ImageImageInstalled on the pack:
ImageImageI also installed a real P-Clamp and screws

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Haslab packs have hit retailer BBTS:

$650 ... 239987?o=4
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Having issues with my pack.....

So I've had mine on display in the house for a while - Took it out for an event last weekend and experienced the following issue:

When flipping the three switches on the wand - Bottom Right, then top right, then left (Activate, under the black intensify button)
Upon flipping the third switch the whole unit shuts down.

It happens intermitently, Occasionally works correctly for a minute or two.

I have replaced the Duracell Batteries with fresh energizers.

I reseated the hose connector on both ends.

I tried a hack I saw inserting half a pen spring into each of the two connector holes in the hose end that screws into the wand. That just seemed to cause a shreiking sound.

None of those seemed to work.

I haven't made any mods to this unit - Havent even opened up the backboard.

Since this seems to be a somewhat common problem - I was hoping somebody here has found a solution, or this could be a good place to troubleshoot with smarter brains than mine!

I have contacted HASLAB on email & I'm waiting for a response.
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