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By Broccoli
Hi All,

This Christmas, my daughter got a Playmobil Ecto 1A. When I was putting it together for her, I realized I messed up with it and put the round tank piece in backwards on the back roof rack (see pictures for details). I tried to pull it out, but it is really stuck, and I'm afraid of breaking it.

I was wondering if the group had any solutions. Would heating it up do anything with the type of plastic it is? Given how it feels, I don't think it would, but I am not sure. I was looking to contact Playmobil for a replacement piece, but given that it is a few years old at this point, I don't know if they would even still have replacement parts (I also want to get a new back door since the one we got had a nasty gash on it).

Any insight?
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By RiverofSlime
Hey there, long time Playmobil fan and owner of both Playmobil Ectos. Your best bet is to get the replacement pieces from Playmobil. I have used their spare parts service and it's great. The ordering process has a little bit of a learning curve but just find the part number in the instructions and send it to them.

The email you are looking for is:

Hope this helps
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