Hi all you electronically savvy lot, hoping someone can shed some light on how to achieve a static lit bar graph.

I have hold of these 12 segment bar graphs (https://thepihut.com/products/bi-color- ... -pack-of-2). and looking to achieve the "loaded trap" effect, so just need the whole bar graph to be fully lit, and yellow.

Tried a couple of tests to get even just one of the leds to light up. But I'm surely missing something because nothing happens. I'm not too savvy with this kind of thing so any help and insight on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated

Can you share more details on how you wired them up? What power source (and voltage) did you use, and which resistors?

What you're trying to do isn't too difficult, half the battle is working out how to power it.

The other half is figuring out which pins to connect (which you can do by process of elimination, or referring to the attached datasheet on the website you linked to).

In fact because you're trying to make it look yellow, that means lighting up all the segments (red and green), so you just need to work out which 6 pins are Common Cathode and tie them to Ground/Negative. The other 8 pins are Anodes and would be tied to VCC/Positive. You'd need correct resistor values too, so you don't burn out the segments.
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Hey, thanks for your response, Sounds very intriguing.

I kind of went a bit of a hacky route around things to achieve the effect I wanted and also with what I had at my disposal. I took one of the RP mini ghost traps and reworked the electronics so that the flicking of the Ghost Trap switch effectively turns it on, and the red light blinks as usual. All sound elements have been removed from it too. and there is a single set of positive and negative leads running off the board for where I was hoping to attach the bar graph, statically lit.

Now from what you say, I'm thinking I may have a voltage issue in this case, likely insufficient voltage. The RP mini ghost trap runs on something like 3 LR44 button cell batteries (which I was just keeping for the sake of it) and I believe 1 of those batteries has a voltage of around 1.5 to 1.6?

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