Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By Warrenzo
So, I'm currently working as a front-end developer for a tech startup in San Francisco. I landed in this role about a year ago, and it's been a wild ride since then. The work is challenging, but the environment is super supportive. Plus, there's always something new to learn, which keeps things exciting.

But I must admit that it was quite difficult to find this position. I come from a small country in Eastern Europe, and initially I worked for this startup remotely for 6 months, and then they offered me the opportunity to move with my family to the USA.

I had to do this because the salary in my native country was too low to support my family, but also reaching the USA is a dream that I have had for years.

There's a tiny chance that this message will be read by people from outside the USA who have an "American dream", but if anyone does, I recommend that you start studying about employment in the USA today (click here for more about that), and place job applications to US companies. This is your ticket to making your dreams come true.
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By JediChris1138
I used to do VFX, then theme park design. After a few years and a Master's Degree, I now work as the VP of Personnel in the Financial Services industry.

It is neither as glamorous or as well-paying as I imagine you expect it to be.
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By Josh Foote
A bit late to this, but I’ve worked in/around politics for the last 15 years. Currently the Deputy Political Director for the Carpenters Union.
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By Alphagaia
I'm a bit of a jack of all trades in Graphic Design and Videography.

Think weddingsvideos, websites, prints and logo designs.

Since Covid, musical producers got into making film scripts for their schoolmusicals to sell to the parents digitally and for the last few years I get hired to videocoach these scripts for a few months which is tremendous fun. Every week I get a new group that's excited to be a moviestar for a few days and learn how hard making a 'movie' actually is (especially the downtime between scenes).

Sometimes schools let the kids write their own scripts and these are absolutely batshit crazy and just fun to improvise with. The stuff they come up with: kids crashing a bingoparty where one of the old geezers chokes on a piece of apple pie, so they want to attend the funeral only for the guy to wake up in the coffin screaming he got a bingo.

Then edit the stuff together so they can watch their hard work in a real cinema, red carpet and all.

Just finished the last movie for the season, now back to other stuff!
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By GuyX
I use to be an exotic dancer & did some male modelling & adult film work. Then came Only fans. I started doing that sort of stuff to payoff student loans. I kept at it because the money was good & it was an interesting experience. I could write 3-4 books just from that part of my life alone. I once did a bachelorette party with an EXTREMELY famous woman(who at the time was semi famous) & it was the most debauched private show I’ve ever done. And that’s saying something!

But now I’m in real estate & development. Not quite as exciting & I no longer have to listen to a room full of drunk women scream “WOOO” which is always a plus.

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