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I ordered mine in December 2019. I gave the benefit iof the doubt with the Pandemic and when he tells me it was a rough year, I thought maybe someone died. Lesson learned never to let that Ebay window expire. Get the case filed before that even if the person promises 2 more weeks. Please post if people have luck with the lawsuit. Good luck everyone and enjoy Afterlife when it comes out!!!
Hello everyone.

I’d first like to apologize to those who have yet to receive their orders. Without getting into a pity party, the past two years have been incredibly difficult for me. Since then I’ve had a change in medication and a new therapist that has been helping greatly. That being said, as customers my personal issues should not have affected you. I should have closed my orders & shut my shop down long before I did. It was never my intention to rip off anyone and I want to make sure that I fix all my outstanding orders.

If you have an outstanding order, or are unsatisfied with the order you received please contact me here:

I want to clear all my outstanding issues. I may not be able to do it all immediately, but will keep at it till it’s complete.

Dude, we've all had rough times. It's not an excuse. In the last two years I lost a parent, lost a best friend, almost died and ended up in the hospital for a month, caught covid, then sliced my hand wide open. You know what? I kept in contact with my customers the entire time. I made sure that their orders went out or that they got refunded. I kept working and getting orders out the door. I only have one usable hand right now and I'm still able to get things to my customers. There is no excuse for what you've pulled.
Has anyone actually contacted him and got a reply? I'm curious to see if he actually does right by anyone.

Garrick, use this opportunity to make things right. Do not screw around and ignore people again. There is no excuse for what you've done but if you're willing to make it right, then actually do it. You've burnt a lot of bridges, don't burn this last one.
I actually got the POS to respond back about a refund. He actually asked for my account # and routing #. Unbelievable. I told him to mail a check to the address he was Supposed to send the pack to…of course nothing. Arizona charges so much to sue it isn’t even worth it. Probably why he lives there
I tried to reach out to Punished Props regarding him (since they're promoting his pack again) but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me

Everyone that's still owed money should get together and see about filing a joint lawsuit. He's guilty of grand theft and online fraud at the very least and there's enough evidence that it should be an open and shut case.
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Apologies for that.

I think we ultimately optimistically hope that certain users who end up in situations like this might end up actually turning things around and making amends... Leading us to keep the channels open in case they might finally do the decent thing... But I know that historically such a development has rarely happened.

Garrick is now banned from the forum.

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