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By Corbidorbidoodle
Are you guys going to save the big ol' box from your proton pack? I save boxes sometimes, but this one is so big! If you're saving it, are you going to break it down for storage?
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By gamera1968
No, I don't have the space for it, even if it's flattened.
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By LeoCor Replicas
I'm actually in the process of a cross-country move, so I need all the boxes I can get my hands on. I definitely plan on keep the footlocker-looking box post-move, but I'll probably throw out the brown shipping boxes.
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By Macktacular
I'll be keeping mine for now as I don't have the space to display my pack, and I'm using the box to store other costume pieces as well. If I get a pelican or similar case to store my pack in, I'll likely toss the box. Fiona saw figure boxes I'd saved for over 20 years get drenched in seawater, so it just flipped a switch in my head and has me no longer caring about the boxes. Especially since even if I did want to resell it, it's effect on the resale price would be marginal at best.
By oidoglr
I am an out of box collector, but I'm fortunate enough to be in a place in life where my wife and I have a home now with ample storage space. The HasLab box contains the box for my Spengler wand now, but the box is stowed away. If we ever move or I end up selling it, it'll be nice to have. I did recycle the outer shipping boxes.
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By robbritton
I am! It is going to house all the Ghostbusters books and DVDs that are currently in a similar sized wooden trunk. Seems a bit more consistent, y'know?
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I repacked mine up with the stand in it as it would have been, pack has a frame on it but I do like the idea if I wanted to sell it or such that I could just take the frame off and I have thr wand box in there too. They did a great job on the box so had to keep it.
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By KingTorg
As much as I hated to do it, I decided to recycle the proton pack box. It was just too large and cumbersome to try to find a place to store it and I'm keeping the pack itself in its stand, so it would just be a big empty cube of cardboard sitting somewhere in my house.

I have kept the neutrona wand box though and currently use it to store all the extra bits and pieces that aren't in use (the stock straps, marshmallow goo, spare Puft heads, Spengler journal, etc.).
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