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By Mercifull
Has anyone heard from Peter Showell or Keymaster Props recently? I placed a small order a month ago now and still haven't received anything more than the confirmation of order email. Logging onto website still shows it as 'Awaiting processing'. I last recieved something from them about a year ago and delivery was super quick back then.

I tried emailing earlier in the week with no response. Hoping everything is ok with them? It's only a small order (<£20) but its still a little worrying.
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By Mercifull
Spoke with Peter who apologised. Explained the reasons and I'm happy with the outcome. So happy in fact that I added some extra bits to the order. They should be arriving next week.
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Well, I've been waiting for a ribbon cable clamp for quite some time now. Ebay says it had been sent and a tracking number was provided and that's it for a month or so now. The Royal Mail number only gives a status update when it will be delivered but Pitney Bowes will take over judging by the extra tracking number. Reached out twice after buying the clamp to ask when it got shipped, never got an answer. And now that it's shipped, it doesn't seem to move. Maybe it has to do with Royal Mail and post cyber attack issues. Will reach out again in a week or so if it hasn't arrived here in Belgium by then. But good to see you got something moving. 🙂
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