Can it be done? Sure. The modding/prop community has done waaay more difficult things. Would it be difficult? Also yes. You would have to fabricate a lot.
Also, I don't know of any accurate 3d printable PKE meters...at least for the movie. There are some really good RGB PKE meter files out there.
It would be nice but I'm not sure I would wan't a screen accurate PKE shell on a Spirit PKE electronics, I mean if I am going for a screen accurate shell I might as well build the electronics from scratch to match. But It wold be Nice to have a shell that is screen accurate. :sigh:
DJVinx wrote: January 26th, 2023, 7:24 am I found somebody on Patreon who did a replacement shell. I am printing it right now...

I don't have a 3d printer. Is there anyway I could get you to print this ? I'll pay for your services and time etc. I'd love to have a more accurate shell for my spirit pke


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