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Kingpin wrote: January 24th, 2023, 4:11 am
robbritton wrote: January 24th, 2023, 3:45 am I can't believe Ghostbusters is in my home town and I'm stuck in my back garden!
In fairness, Dean Street may not end up featuring in the movie at all, even if it is being considered as a filming location.
It wouldn't surprise me if they end up having Lucky and Fin on an over seas trip with their Highschool or college. Having them studying abroad and uncovering the next big ghost villain. Sam Hain. England would be the perfect setting to throw him in a live action film. Plenty of druidic sites to choose from.
FatherOfGhostbusters wrote: January 24th, 2023, 12:02 pm What you're using as a constant isn't a constant, but a series of variables while supporting it with a strawman fallacy
We're three films into this franchise and none of them have used the flashback mechanic... I feel that's enough body of evidence to base a reasonable conclusion on.
Whereas your proposition has nothing to support it, especially as one of the two photos (that might not even be directly connected to the filming) shows an area that has been modernised so recently with post-millennium architecture, it would not be particularly effective as a locale to suggest a flash back to some prior time period.

I feel in the end you're ignoring Occam's razor: the simplest explanation is that if any filming is to take place in London, with it actually being London rather than New York... Is to film contemporary scenes in the city.
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FatherOfGhostbusters wrote: January 24th, 2023, 12:02 pm
Kingpin wrote: January 24th, 2023, 11:54 am It doesn't seem too hasty a generalization when three-quarters of the movies featuring the 1980s cast haven't made use of flashbacks. :whatever:
It just seems like that if the creative minds were going to introduce them as a narrative device, the golden opportunity would've been the previous film... And if they didn't utilize them for that, it suggests that they prefer a linear narrative instead.

I don't believe the aspect of child characters being main characters is comparable to flashbacks in the storytelling, one was more likely to happen than the other.

"It just seems like" is a solid preamble for a hasty generalization based on opinion. What you're using as a constant isn't a constant, but a series of variables while supporting it with a strawman fallacy - that being said, it really doesn't matter. I could still be right, and so could you. This isn't predictive analysis, it's two people guessing at why production might be taking place in the UK with almost zero hard data points to analyze. So, I find myself not caring enough to continue the conjecture past this point. Regardless of whose theory ends up being right, I'm just excited for the movie! With out without flashbacks.
Edit: Didn’t See Kingpins Reply.
My thoughts are that the firehouse interior sets are being built at Pinewood Studios, and the exterior shots (as well as NYC, itself) will be filmed at the real Hook and Ladder 8 firehouse in Tribeca.
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Also worth noting that location filming in England wouldn't necessarily have to be olde-worldy or druidy-countryside stuff - we have a lot of steel and glass here too, folks!

I mean logically it's going to be the sound stages they're here for, but we can double as pretty much anywhere at street level these days.
joezlo wrote: January 25th, 2023, 9:32 am What's this nonsense about Murray and Weaver returning?
yahoo!life and the print publication Metro are both quoting the tabloid The Sun, who spoke to a "source" who told them Bill, Dan and Sigourney will be back for this year's movie.

The source is also reported to have said:
Studio bosses are taking a classic franchise, setting it in a new location but keeping the magic of the original. It’s going to be brilliant.

'Ghostbusters' has always been synonymous with New York, but to mix things up this time the team was thinking of other great cities with a haunted history.

London is perfect. It gives so much license to look back at classic landmarks and British history, but still in an urban setting.

The plans look very cool, and getting the original stars interested wasn’t difficult. They all love the movies and look back at them very fondly.
Could them being back just mean we might see the deleted scenes from Afterlife? Maybe they found a good way to incorporate the small b-plot of Janine going to Peter and Danas apartment to tell them about Egon/Summerville.
Doesn't necessarily mean they are for sure shooting new stuff. But also, I'm taking that entire article with a grain of salt like everyone else, lol.
Ah, "The Sun", such a reliable source. They probably also confirmed that GB3 was greenlit in 2007 (was that when it was "filming in a few months" and was going to star Jack Black?) :lol:

Everything we've seen and heard from Ghost Corps, Jason Reitman, and Gil Kenan to date makes it clear that they're returning to NYC in the story. It makes zero sense for it to suddenly take place in London even if it's being filmed in the UK (because of scheduling and tax breaks I assume). The fact that this source implies that it will actually be set there makes it absolutely clear that nothing they've said is accurate.

But The Sun knows something. It takes very little effort to make Ghostbusters fans flip out, whether it's the mere mention of the year "2016" or orange Hasbro Wand tips :lol:

So it's in their best interest for advertising revenue, to trick us into click on their headlines. That's more important than checking their sources.
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Davideverona wrote: January 25th, 2023, 3:40 amhttps://uk.style.yahoo.com/bill-murray- ... 00261.html

Sounds completely made up.
I would actually like to see some ghostbusting at The Tower of London. Sooo many possibilities with the haunts. And the sets would be amazing.
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robbritton wrote: January 25th, 2023, 8:31 am Also worth noting that location filming in England wouldn't necessarily have to be olde-worldy or druidy-countryside stuff - we have a lot of steel and glass here too, folks!

I mean logically it's going to be the sound stages they're here for, but we can double as pretty much anywhere at street level these days.
Yes, like for example there might be some scenes set in other parts of the Zeddemore Industries building and they could plan on using interiors of a building in London like they did with the Calgary library.
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Dondraper85 wrote: January 26th, 2023, 6:46 am So the news is Murray, Aykroyd and Weaver will be in the new one set in London.So if you ask me I have the horrible feeling Vigo will be in this one.I have a feeling it will involve him trying to get to our world through a painting found in the National Gallery or a old Manor house.I might be wrong but I don't think iam
Nope. The only true news is that pre production is underway in the UK and several producers/directors/technicians are flying over there to start working.
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I think Jason's comments about "Maybe there were more paintings of Vigo out there" whilst probably a throwaway joke, has people nervous given the use of Gozer in Afterlife. Which I think was fine for that film... but I really hope they come up with something fresh for the new movie. I'd prefer them to explicitly rule out Vigo so we can all relax. I can just see the plot now with Callie and Grooberson having a baby for Vigo to possess... please let's not go there.

If they want to feature him as an easter egg, TVG did a superb job of "what happened to Vigo..."
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Dondraper85 wrote: January 26th, 2023, 8:00 am If they're involving Murray and Weaver and it's Vigo then I could see adult Oscar in this, as a Janosz figure.Considering they were only in it for a few minutes I don't see the point in them being in this one unless they do go down the Oscar possessed route
I respect your opinion, but please, no Vigo. :sigh:

We need a new threat for the new Ghostbusters, not a rehash from decades ago.
Maybe Ghostbusters and Harry Potter are in the same universe. Vigo’s painting was a horcrux, and the Ghostbusters encounter more of Vigo’s horcrux’s, as well as maybe some of Voldemort’s. Maybe they run into Harry Potter who is also looking for horcrux’s, and they get into an argument over who gets to destroy it. Once Harry realizes that all you actually need to destroy a horcrux is positive mood slime and some singing, he decides to switch occupations and become a Ghostbuster.
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