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By RealGhostbusterJay
Hi there,

Some members of our Alberta Ghostbusters franchise were asked by a local video behind the scenes rink pro who also formally worked for our local Edmonton Oilers with some help in assisting with a project for his kids who had fallen in love with Ghostbusters after watching afterlife and learning of it's production taking place in our own province with a few of our members being employed by the production.

His kids love hockey and he yearly builds a mini rink for them in his back yard with a surprise logo each year for center ice. This year with his kids new interest in GB he added a mooglie to the ice and also asked our group for some assistance making a fun little video for his kids. The few of us that got to work on this for a few hours one night had a great time despite the cold and snow and the creator and his family were both generous with warm foods to keep us going and space to let us relax in between takes. While not any type of official fan film his family had a blast and we did too. Even Jason Reitman threw it on his Instagram.


Full video:
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