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By tobycj
All of his stuff is shipped via a courier. He either has a tracking number that he's not given you, or he's still not shipped it yet, to be blunt.
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By Ackbar
Yes, I think you are right. Well I wait until November 15th and then I will demand a tracking number.
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By 33rdparanormal
Yeah... that's pretty standard anymore. Either you are going to get a working tracking number and your item arrives within a reasonable timeframe, or you are only going to be updated on the tracking while it takes forever to get nothing.

If the item has been "in transit" for 8 months, has changed couriers multiple times while seemingly going nowhere, and he is able to give you updates on the tracking but refuses to give you the tracking number or gives you a tracking number that pulls nothing, then you are probably never going to get your item.

That being said, he may surprise everybody and ship out your item tomorrow and you may have it by the 15th and all would be well(ish). But the fact of the matter is, there is no way for Ben to track your package and update you on what is happening with it or when the estimated delivery date is without a tracking number. If he has one, he should give it to you with no hassle. If he keeps refusing to and just "gives you updates", then he is lying to you.
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By Ackbar
Just to keep you updated: He wrote two weeks ago, that the package is delayed till end november, so I wrote him yesterday and asked for a tracking number. He sent me screenshots of his conversation with dpd local. Seems quite real (there appears my name, address and a case number)... the tension is rising also the hope (?)
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By 33rdparanormal
I would be wondering why you were given a screenshot of a conversation instead of the tracking number that you asked for. It's a simple enough request that he has ignored while giving you some relief that you aren't being screwed with. This thread is full of experiences just like this. He has to have a tracking number to talk to a courier about your package, so why not just give it to you as you requested and let you track it yourself? Even if it is 100% legit, he is still gatekeeping you.

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