By Coover5
Does any one know of a good source for two piece flight suits? I'm not even sure they exist. I'd love to wear a two piece option because I tend to run hot and can only handle about 30 minutes in a flight suit. I'd love to go to a con I an outfit that I won't melt in.
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By Macktacular
Hey, nice find! A great option for people who may have mobility problems when it comes to putting on a regular jumpsuit. Especially with a hose and bits attached, etc.

I just know that I'd wind up wearing mine untucked. The schlubbiest buster.
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By BRD 527
The first uniform I made myself back in the 80's was out of a old Khaki BSA (Boy Scouts) shirt and Khaki cargo pants :blush:

If I had to make a new uniform like this I'd go with somthing like these...

Shirt (long sleeve) ... form-shirt
Shirt (short sleeve) ... form-shirt
Pants ... ical-pants

Then I'd where the pistol belt over a velcro under belt like you would a police duty belt using the GB leather keychain FOB's as belt keepers ... 20&PMSRCH=

Then to keep your shirt tucked in and looking professional.. ... irt%20stay

Sorry I worked as a security guard for 16 years lol :whatever:
By kalavera
Being from the south and a little redneck, I wear BDU's alot.
Been thinking about changing my Flightsuit for two piece BDU set.
I just might have to see how this looks
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By JayMacKay
I greatly appreciate these options, as flight suits anywhere near my size are either geographically or financially restrictive (6'4" and damn near all torso in Canada)

Now I just wish those Tru-Spec long sleeve uniform shirts were available in Canada. (Amazon would love to sell me one my size for $217, which... little rich for my blood)

I'll keep searching an try to update here if I find another alternative.
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By Kieron W
For the person who has asked about a two piece flightsuit, I have actually managed to get a cosplay site to commission me them. I hope this is okay to add links.

Ghostbusters 1 Khaki Flight Suit - ... ustom_made
Ghostbusters 2 Navy Flight Suit (aka "We're Back!" Xmas montage suits) - ... &results=2

(you can just ask them to change it from a one piece to a two piece flightsuit and they'll do it free of charge instead of adding to the extra cost.)
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By JayMacKay
More options are always great, though I know for me I’d appreciate if they included an option for torso height and inseam, as just “height” tends to just result in more inseam. (I’m 6’4” with a 32” inseam, if I had abs there would be room for a 10 pack)
Price looks like a decent option for those in search of one though, any photos of the finished suit?
By Kieron W
At the moment, no, but I am going to be ordering one (either GB1 Khaki or GB2 Navy) soon.
By Kieron W
tobycj wrote: November 19th, 2022, 7:35 am
Kieron W wrote: November 19th, 2022, 6:43 am At the moment, no, but I am going to be ordering one (either GB1 Khaki or GB2 Navy) soon.
The GB2 suits were charcoal grey, not navy :)
Yeah, typo lol XD
I wonder why they got rid of the charcoal grey suits, I thought they were awesome.
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By Kieron W
Mat wrote: November 20th, 2022, 8:05 pm Khaki pants with a khaki work shirt come to mind! :)
I was looking at the Spirits Unleashed outfits and a lot of the other unlockable "attires" have stuff like a tshirt with khaki pants so that could work!

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