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By SalemManor
Well I came into a nice chunk of change (thank you student loans!) and have enough to pick up a pack!

My problem is I’m terrible at waiting, I’m also terrible at seeing details and knowing what I should pick up!

Looking for preferably a GB1 pack but would consider a GB2.

Initially I saw the “fiberglass all metal construction” of bobs prop shop…but while trying to research it I found the thread here…yikes! Guess I’ll avoid that one!

Anyone else got something kicking around, or know of one on the bay or something like that I should pick up?

Thanks again!
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By Spenglers
I know you said you wanted to buy one, but I'm always of the mind that having options is a good thing. If you don't mind crafting one yourself, the forum's shop has plenty of pack parts to get the details just right and there are a few threads with plans on constructing one out of varying materials. Venkman71's got some detailed plans, and here are some plans I recently found to make a pack out of EVA foam floor mats. That stuff's a wonder kid for costumers. I've heard good things about Benofkent's work as well. Still have to put it together yourself, but the hard part's done for you which is getting the look right.

Also, I have a bit of advice you may take or leave. I say it because I've seen it: If you start using student loans for non-school things, it's gonna come back and bite you in the rump. Hard. That said, if the student loans are being used for Student Stuff™ and it's your own chump change getting sunk into a pack, have fun! I'm sure some of the other folks here can better direct you to prefabs.
Other thing to keep in mind if you're buying a pack, you could be waiting quite a while from a reputable maker. They're not quite off the rack props unless someone has one for sale. You can always check the for-sale forums here but always check feedback.
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