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By CitizenBuster
I would go regular. For me the length is long enough. The long i have the sleaves are longer too. Too long. They swallow my hands if i don't tighten the cuff adjustment. But yeah, i would go with regular. I think you'll be happy with it. I could wear pants under it if i wanted and be comfortable. But i don't. I just wear basketball shorts.
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By moore1991
Ok thank you so much so I’ll go with 50R as I couldn’t have sleeves hanging over my hand and to much to tuck in in boots
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By CitizenBuster
You're welcome. I was where you at a couple months ago. Getting the right suit, the first time was becoming nerve racking. But now you can get on to even more ridiculous stuff. Like sewing patches and leg hose in the right spot. And dyeing pistol belts the right shade of grey. I'm on 8 now...
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By moore1991
Your on 8 suits Christ yeh I have a belt and need to dye it it’s a light grey belt it’s not that dark and where is the best place to get a movie accurate patch and name patch iv found one and yeh I’m looking forward to doing all that I’m now having to just look for the flight suit and again I really can’t thank you enough for the help u have givin me so definitely 50R and would still have all the room and space
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By CitizenBuster
No problem. I like talking gear stuff. For a movie patch, get one here on GB fans when you can get one. I got my patches on Ebay. Not movie accurate, but i like them. Yeah, i think you'll be good in 50R.
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By CitizenBuster
CitizenBuster wrote: February 16th, 2022, 4:29 pm No problem. I like talking gear stuff. For a movie patch, get one here on GB fans when you can get one. I got my patches on Ebay. Not movie accurate, but i like them. Yeah, i think you'll be good in 50R.
By moore1991
So best to get patch on here as they would be more movie accurate and so it would be tight would be just perfect for me and with belt I still need to dye it grey what would u say would be the best colour dye to get and which matches movie thank u again
By moore1991
Ah right so it can be a messed up job quite quick yeh I was looking at the pearl grey Rits looks easier to understand about the patches it cost quite a lot for postage to the U.K for one little thing it’s a bummer though
By tobycj
If you want a really accurate no ghost patch then the best GB1 patch on the market is from Todd Cook Designs. His webstore launches at the end of this month, he has a facebook page too. The best GB1 name patch is probably from GBFans.

There's still loads of debate on the belt colour, personally I like the one GBFans sells the most, rather than a properly grey one.
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By CitizenBuster
I have the GBfans one that i like a lot too. But now its become almost an obsession to get the perfect color of grey from dyeing. I know it's just from the dye, but i can't get over the slight purplish and blue hue. The things i get hung up on.
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By Sgurk Von Spankraght

I never intended on buying a flight suit. I have my Spengler wand which I've modded and will continue to mod. The Hasbro pack has been ordered and I bought two patches from the Calgary GB's because they had a sale. If I ever would buy a flight suit, it would have to be a CWU-p27 but getting one to Belgium from the States (new or even second hand) would end up a disaster for my wallet.
But one day I was scrolling through Ebay to see what the prices were on those flight suits and I stumpled upon a seller who was selling a second hand one and in my size! And on the European mainland and at a very good price! So I ordered it and a few days ago it arrived after two weeks of waiting.
I am so happy but then again I am also lucky because the seller I bought it from lives in Kyiv, Ukraine and it was sent out not long before the war over there started... I just hope he's okay.
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By gamera1968
moore1991 wrote: August 21st, 2022, 5:54 pm What colour does the flight suit have to be
Usually tan/beige. That's the standard color.

Some go with the dark grey (GB II) and some regional groups have their own colors they use, but any color is acceptable.

I know that Ecto Force (the local Ghost Corps costuming group out of south Florida) goes with black flight suits, because they look nice. But holy hell, it's so hot down here nearly year-round and I'm always roasting in my tan Nomex suit in the air conditioning.
By moore1991
What’s the closest colour is it the tan colour or sand looking colour as looking and looking but all seem to be American I’m U.K.
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