WShawn wrote: August 3rd, 2022, 2:53 pm Again, immaculate work.

Could you share a photo of the inside of your shell? I'd like to see how you've tied together all of the various components.

Thanks man! No problem here you go

Nothing fancy inside, it just was extremely complicated trying to replicate the hero shell measurements 1:1 so I had to take different approaches to the boxes because of the wonky angles and curves then I typically would on a more basic build with straight edges. I don't think there is a single straight edge on the screen used shell. I still need to add a couple more reinforcement pieces and I will probably fiberglass some portions of the inside before molding in silicone. Thanks for looking man.
Thanks for the photo. Up until now I thought this styrene build would be your final pack. I see now that you're going to pull a silicone mold off of it to make castings. If this styrene amalgam was to be the finished pack I was curious as to how you were going to hold together all the parts. After I replaced the plywood and masonite parts of my 1984 build with (crude) fiberglass casts a few years later I ended up with four main modules that I've just bolted to my acrylic motherboard. They're not really attached to each other. This leads to a somewhat annoying squeak happening when I walk at a brisk pace.
Oh I understand haha if this was going to be a wearable shell I probably would have built it completely different but yeah my original attention was simply building a master to be molded in silicone similar to my original build years ago.

I hear ya man having separate boxes without attaching would make a lot of noise when moving.
ICYMI, this was my 1984 build:


At some point in the next 6 months I want to secure the separate fiberglass modules to each other, replace the acrylic MB with aluminum, and replace my ancient lights and add a sound system with something Arduino-based. Though the perfectionist in me would love to have a hyper-accurate pack like yours I want to preserve the provenance of mine.
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That's a pretty incredible build especially for the time. I'm the same way with my old builds I've wanted to upgrade and interchange parts but I'd rather leave the integrity of the packs along with the mistakes I made and just start over. Thanks for sharing it was amazing to see such talent during a time of extremely limited resources.

Here is a video update also of my current progress on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check it out! https://youtu.be/OHE_HtcFF3Q Thanks.
Some more progress I wanted to share. I'm still doing clean up and getting the shell imperfections smoothed out a bit before the texturing and roughing up process.
Thanks for looking!
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Thanks man much appreciated! I should have more progress soon.


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