By Smokey7486
I just managed to order the last Tru Spec suit in my size. They are sold out everywhere! I ordered a Stantz no ghost patch from Alberta Ghostbusters, and a nametag patch from Egon and Co on Etsy. I plan on going for a GB1 look. The nametag patch is custom with my last name.

I had originally planned on buying everything through the gbfans store, but I didn't want to wait until April to get my items shipped out. I still however need elbow pads, pistol belt and a leg hose and connector. Is there any direct way to order the same ones offered on gbfans without the wait?

On a side note, I also purchased a Spirit PKE and plan on modifying the appearance a bit. I have no knowledge of electronics or soldering so for now I will remove the belt clip and likely repaint the outside of it to more resemble the real prop.

It's a start, and I'm sure there will be a lot more to come!
By Smokey7486
I forgot to mention I found a pair of Corcoran 995's and have removed the leather flap and used silver sharpie on the zipper. I am debating whether or not to remove the snaps or just paint them. I think removing them would look better overall.
By Smokey7486
A quick update.

I ordered elbow pads and a belt from a guy on ebay, and he's throwing in a leg hose and connector for free. I ordered some key fobs that are movie accurate. I was gonna buy a PKE holster but I don't know what is accurate for GB1. I stitched my no ghost and nametag patches to my suit, removed the left arm pocket flap and velcro. I removed the flap from my Corcoran 995's and silver sharpies the zipper. Still need to drill out the snaps. More will follow as soon as I can continue to grab something else. The addiction has taken hold!
By Smokey7486
I have an MT500 from Spongeface coming, I found an accurate holster for it too. Ecto Goggles are being made. I found what I believe to be accurate GB1 chemical gloves as well. Got a budget belt gizmo and holster from Fannstar. Next step is a trap and pedal with a holster.
By Smokey7486
tobycj wrote: February 3rd, 2022, 1:57 pm The pke is never seen in a holster, so any holsters aren't strictly accurate but generally in keeping with the style of the other holsters.
Thanks for the info. I decided against the pke holster for gb1 accuracy sake. Eventually I want to get a proton pack but gotta save for a finished one.
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