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I've had this game since launch back in 2009 and have loved it since. Finally finished my Professional difficulty playthrough last night and it reminded me of just how great of addition to the Ghostbusters universe it truly is. It is what the third movie would (and should) have been.

Written by Harold and Dan, starting the entire original cast (except for Moranis), telling a continuation of the already famous story that we all know and love in an impressive build of a game. The only thing I feel could have made it better was co-op campaign. The multiplayer was fun too. Working with fellow players to trap ghost and do certainthings to unlock Most Wanted ghost added a nice bit of depth to it. It just needed more co-op opportunities IMO.

I still can't get enough of it 8 years later. I'm excited to do my easy playthrough to clean up the last 2 achievements I'm missing.

If you enjoy the original Ghostbusters and haven't played this game, do yourself a favor and do so. It's now backwards compatible on Xbox One (The load times drop drastically on the 1) and the servers still work so MP is an option too. PC servers are closed but single player is still an option.

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