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Greetings, I am Gil from Buffalo New York, and for about as long as I've been dressing up as Rebel Pilot Jek Porkins I have been called a Ghostbuster... I remind them that the Ghostbusters wear their packs in the back, but what can you do?
So I figured, what the heck I might as well become a Paranormal Investigator and run around Buffalo with an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator on my back for fun.
I modded a Spirit/Rubies pack and attached a Hasbro Spengler wand for now, but may do a full sized pack in the future.
Main Board and electronics by Frankengeek Laboratories, Labels by Moby Signs, Alice Frame by Rothco, other mods in progress...

My Instagram is @Porkins_red_six and my Twitter is @Porkins if you want to check out the other stuff I do as well.
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