Our friends over as Hasbro Pulse just sent over this teaser image for an upcoming HasLab project anticipated for release this Halloween! While they can't confirm any details, we're invited to review the image for context clues. What do you think it could be!?
I'm thinking it's a 1:12 '84 Ecto to scale with the Plasma series figures...hopefully tiers will unlock lights and a siren. And in my wildest dreams, a final tier unlocks a Janine figure. Hopefully Hasbro learned from the failure of the Ghostrider car and doesn't wildly overprice it.

"C'mon, let's run some red lights!"
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If that hint isn't obvious enough. I am just not looking forward to it being $500. If it's under $200 then I will bite. However, if their Cantina playset is any sign of price, then I am out. Hasbro going for that last bit of change in our pockets.
Depending on the price point I may reconsider if Hasbro adds a remote control function to it, a mini drone trap and a mini RTV. The mini versions of the drone and trap don't have to be RC capable, but I don't want to see a bunch of dirt thrown on what is going to be a very expensive toy.

The original Ecto would be nice but I would prefer something to the size of the Lego Ecto and the latest version from Empire. I don't think the Ecto-cycle would be popular enough yet to warrant it's own Has Lab project.

Like Haslabs Ghost project I could really see figures being advertised as unlockable rewards. As for bonus incentives I could see licence plates, and possibly even a set of keys made to look like what Winston would use to start the Ecto with. If we get Ghost figures, i'd imagine the sewer dragon, and Garaka being the top contenders with Slimer and the Pufts as respectable candidates. I can see the Pufts possibly being the same size as the Proton Pack pufts or in scale to whatever this Ecto is going to be.

Not gonna lie. Kind of dissapointed we don't have anything related to Two in the box yet.
DaveLister wrote: June 8th, 2024, 12:39 pm There is a FB post of a "hands-on" thing (not an event) of the PKE and the Trap. Hawk the wares you already have the $$ for. Geez. :whatever:
What are you talking about? They are showing off a nearly production complete Trap and PKE because people want to see an update. They won't be selling any more of those.
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Just thinking out loud here. Does anyone think that Haslab will start off with an Ecto one base you could build off of? You get to choose which Ecto you want to build. Your backing will come with the accessories of your choice but you get the option of another parts package if you purchase more then one vehicle.

They could do something like
Ecto vehicle-399
parts package a Ghostbusters 1
parts package b Ghostbusters 2=roof crap with electronic were ready to believe you sign
parts package c Afterlife- dirty parts opposed to clean parts/gunner seat
parts package D-Frozen Empire-Drone trap on roof crap/gunner seat


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