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By Kingpin

In an update to our previous article, Marquis Ventura, the man arrested and charged over the unprovoked assault of actor Rick Moranis in 2020 has appeared in a prelimary court hearing ahead of his trial, scheduled for August.

Ventura faces three years in prison if convinced.

We'll update this story as it progresses.
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By timeware
Now we know the real reason why Rick wasn't in Afterlife. The rest of the busters were jealous he aged better then they did.

This isn't the first time Ventura's attacked someone . He suffers from schizophrenia and hopefully whatever charges are brought against this guy manages to stick before he end's up seriously hurting someone else or worse.
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By Wafflerobot
Has the man given any explanation as to why he attacked him in the first place?

RichardLess wrote:Not gonna lie, I saw Rick Moranis’s picture on the homepage & almost had a heart attack. I saw the picture & thought he passed away. Phew.

Same here!
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By Kingpin
Wafflerobot wrote: May 21st, 2022, 7:57 pm Has the man given any explanation as to why he attacked him in the first place?
Ventura has a rap sheet of prior random assaults, which are speculated to be the result of his mental state. He may have his reasons for what he did, but we may never know - by the sounds of it he's not proving cooperative.
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By timeware
They need to get this guy the help he needs. I'm not going to pretend to be a law expert but a quick search revealed
The New York Legislature passed bail reform in 2019 which eliminated cash bail and the judge's discretion of setting bail to most misdemeanor and nonviolent crimes. So even with this guy being charged, and if I'm understanding things right it looks like he'll be released before his trial? This dude's going to re-offend.
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