By Matthew Rabiega
good evening,

I have a question? I've now bought the PKE from Rubies, but it doesn't look movie-accurate, so I wanted to ask if anyone has ever built the technology into a 3D printed original (1984)?

greetings matthew
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By prodestrian
Yes, there's two things you should check out.

Firstly, Nathan Duncan has a set of amazing PKE 3D files on Etsy: ... on-digital

He also has a separate variant if you want to do an Iona Shoe Polisher conversion (this is on my list now that I've managed to get hold of one).

It does include instructions for electronics using Arduino, but if that's not your strong suit then you'll want to check out Pixel Props' electronics kit which were designed specifically to work with Nathan's files:
(He also has a website which lists everything he sells ).

As well as having accurate lights and sounds, it also has a a mobile app so you can trigger it from your phone (great if you want the PKE sitting on the table to suddenly "wake up" like it does in Afterlife).

Both are definitely worth a look.

As far as retrofitting a toy pke, it's not easy but it can be done. I've also seen GhostbustersGear on Patreon has a 3d printable shell which lets you transfer the electronics from the toy into a more accurate enclosure, but the toy electronics aren't great anyway.
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