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Ghosbusters for Commodore 64- This is my tricked out real commodore 64 rig

Posted: October 19th, 2021, 8:03 pm
by thephreakycheese
Im a Phone Phreak, Retrocomputing collector/restorer and grew up watching RGB as a kid and seeing gb2 in the theatres

Finally decided to spend some time on my C64. This is not your stock c64 Ive had this since i was a kid. Back then I had a 1541 and a fastload cart. connected via RF to a tv. Later on i got a 1702.

Ghostbusters on Apple II wasnt as great. the C64 has SID sound which makes for a great time.

Sorry about the mess. remodeling the house tons of fun.

Mine has the following

JiffyDOS which makes life so much easier and load times are so fast.

To load gb from floppy youd have to insert your gb disk
then type load "*",8,1
then run

with JiffyDOS you simply load the disk image
then hit f3 and forward slash
then type run

SD2IEC- SD card adapter so you can load disk images off sd cards. Fast and easy but doesnt provide a cycle accurate 1541 emulation. Works for ghostbusters and some games.

For a pure 1541 experience without the nightmare off waiting for hours for your games to load. we all thought that when were kids lol The pi 1541 is great i have one using a pi zero they also have jiffydos