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Posted this in Ectomobiles, but was recommended to post here as well

Been working on a 3D model of the Gentec 525 Dummy Antenna in Blender, and there just isn't a lot of quality reference photographs to be had online. Seeing as buying a Gentec can run you $500 on eBay currently, I wanted to create a 3D printable model that the average Ghostbuster fan could use.

So, if anybody has a Gentec and would be willing to take some hires reference photographs (of the front and back in particular), it would greatly help my efforts in making an accurate model. Additionally, any measurements would be a great help. If you have any reference manuals, couldn't hurt.





It's been difficult getting the shell right, and it still isn't 'perfect,' but I'd like to add the front and back details, and have it accurate, or even better, screen accurate.

I'm going to post this model to Thingiverse for free when I'm done, I already have a few Ecto-1 models available, including the Cadillac hubcap emblem


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