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By Guyinboots101
Okay so I have a ghostlab 42 light kit in my spirit pack but have a third party wand light kit installed in the wand. The pack is using original batt pack and the wand is on a 9volt... is it possible to turn on my pack lights from the wand? Can I just splice into the power so they would be on the same battery? Or how can I do this?
By ccv66
I'm not overly knowledgeable, but I'd probably just hook both up to a double pole toggle switch. Two circuits one switch. Not sure on the amps and volts for each, I think I just keep two separate batteries or just upgrade to spongfaces wand lights
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By trekgod3
Easiest and best bang for your buck is to replace the wand with a $99 spengler wand. Do the aux mod and you have sound and lights. You can even replace the switch in the spengler to turn on the pack lights when the wand turns on. I haven't tried that, but here is my build thread if it helps:

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