By LarryKoopa
My wife got me a flight suit and a name tag, but I don’t know what the best way to attach it would be. My instinct is to attach the patch to the Velcro, but I don’t n ow if it’s meant to iron-on or if it has to be sewn?
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By Kingpin
Some nametags come equipped with a glue patch, but I believe few fans use the glue due to the mess they can make - and the permanence of the option.

Velcro's one option, especially if you're wanting to remove the patches for when you wash the suit. Most folks however sew them straight onto the flight suit, which was how it was done on the props used in the first two films - this option gives you the choice to upgrade the patches in future, swap them out if you want to shift from a GB1 suit to a GB2 suit (or vice versa), or if you need to replace the suit, but want to keep the patches.
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By mike_waclo
I'd also recommend avoiding the iron-on option, as most of mine have tended to start peeling off after a short while. Sewing takes a little longer, but it worth it for looks and durability.

Also, the velcro patch placement on most flight suits sits too far away from the zipper, causing pack straps to overlap the name tag, if that's any concern. :)

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